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The Weeks I Spent Eating & Watching Mad Men

Take me to the MOON! (Taken by me)

Blame it on my birth sign, but apart from my deceptive public exuberance, I am in fact the most reclusive person I know.  Blame it on my genetics, but apart from my deceptive figure, I am, in fact, a certified fat-ass. Safe from the trips to school and occasional coffee meetings with girlfriends, I spent the entire first half of May on my couch in front of the television with a family-sized box of cereal.  In addition to sulking over my having been born in the wrong era, secretly wishing that Don Draper would come to my rescue, knowing full well that I would love him unconditionally, regardless of his huge sexual appetite for every living, breathing, bosom-bearing human being with a functioning vagina, I have successfully managed to discover the most AHA! food combinations.  And so, I shall list:

  • Corn flakes and cottage cheese
  • Corn flakes and cream cheese
  • Corn flakes and anything, really
  • Bread, olive oil, avocado, and Dijon mustard
  • Olive oil, avocado, Dijon mustard (corn flakes not unwelcomed)
  • Avocado, Dijon mustard
  • Avocado
  • Dijon mustard; the really spicy kind.  Shit opens your nasal passageways like all hell.

I promise I am not depressed.

See? Jolly as a button!

Au contraire.  I found these days to be some of my most productive all year.

I made an extremely painful and difficult executive decision a few days ago to take the next, logical step, in pursuit of my career. It is time to take everything I’ve learned: my newfound humility that I have encountered after being thrust into a community of extremely talented musicians; my relatively recent acquisition of an Israeli Passport that I hold so close to my heart; and move back to NYC.

Tel Aviv Sunset.  Sigh (by me)

New York. Oh, the dilemma. (by me)

We must embrace change, as difficult as that may feel at any given time.  Furthermore, we must accept that even the most seemingly futile moments of our lives, especially times during which remnants of a more difficult past seem to creep up on us, i.e. binge eating, immobility, consecutive masturbation, I jest can, in fact hold the seeds to a brighter future.  I don’t want to leave Israel, but I am trying not to ignore my slightly larger gut from leading me to where I ought to be.  It is time to do things the right way.  Recording, performance, introspection, bring it on.

“A goal without a plan is just…a wish.” Thanks for that, Antoin e de Saint-Exupery.  And thank you @badgalriri for having an Instagram clad in pictures of strippers, and intelligent, inspiring quotes.  Who knew.

Mixed feelings about her, but dayummm she’s looking on point in Supreme. Riri (via Tumblr)

Azaelia. More inspiration! getitgurl

Be back in a minute



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NY, I Love You

Things happen.  Then they don’t.  Then somewhere in between things happening and things not happening, you find yourself people watching whilst waiting for the 6 train, trying really hard not to yell at the uber-hot couple making out, that “IT’S ALL GONNA END, GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!” reflecting on all those things that did happen, with the burning desire to know where the $^*# it’s all going to take you.

As my trip back to the states so conveniently collided with several changes in my life, I have acquired sentimental value for my hometown of NYC.  There is an inexplicable beauty that you take notice of when revisiting remnants of your past.  It has changed, and you have changed, and your eyes suddenly see things and avoid things that were previously unseen and unavoided.


I have rediscovered parts of NYC that I hold dear to my heart.  The hidden gems, boutiques and people drove me to a realization that when revisited, most good, bittersweet, and sometimes even “bad” things, can hold elements to help guide you through your journey to where you want to, and ought to be.  Seeing old friends and family has made me to want to move ever forward with my goals and aspirations.  They are the forceful gust of wind, the unspoken whisper, validating that my foundation will be there to help me up when I fall, and fall again, until I can finally stand on my own.  Or fall without bruising.  I bruise like a peach, IGHT?!

Although I’m nostalgic for NYC, and my roots as one often-cynical-sometimes-snobby-shopaholic-who-grew-up-way-too-fast-for-anyone’s-good, girl, I’m excited to get back to Israel and resume working on my music.  I am going to take what I’ve seen, done, and learned, toss it into a huge bowl of fruit loops with 2% milk the mixing bowl that is my life, write more lyrics, and sing the shit out of them.  And maybe grow a pair and perform them, as well.  And on that note (musical innuendo, hardy har, shutup) here are some snippits of my trip back home.


Williamsburg Bridge. Crossed that shit like 15 times by foot. I got calves like a racehorse now!



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